Out Of The City

The Pain of Faith

Our heroes now had the second piece of the shard and were ready to track down the Goliath tribes, but before they could a call to faith changed the whole course of what would happen. First Sergeant had felt the call of Moradin and made a commitment to him. Immediately on doing this he felt a terrible pain in his soul that was calling him back to the city. First Sergeant explained to the rest of our heroes that things had not been resolved and that they must go back to the city and destroy the evil that lurked at the bottom of the city.
A discussion between the heroes ended with it being decided that they must return to the city and stop Xaphrin from continuing his “protection” of the city. The first question was how were they going to get back into the city, but luckily they were still in contact with Aldros who was able to bluff his way past the guards to allow the heroes back inside.
In the middle of this our heroes also decided to deal with the dagger and while attempting to pick it up Wren Pyrendall found that the dagger flew out of his hand and lightning burst out of his hand slowly destroying it. Before it could be totally destroyed our heroes were able to retrieve it and put it back in it’s stone chest. This was now being carried by Risty.
Once back in the city it was decided that the best thing to do was to free the two dwarves Gavh Devskron and Kharak Ironhand who were scheduled to be executed. Once freeing them and explaining to Kharak, Gavh and Aldros nothing seemed to be able to stop the three of them storming the royal apartments and deposing the king. Our heroes knew of a secret entrance into the temple below the city and hurried to head down there.
After some research it had been decided that Xaphrin was actually corrupting the power of the temple perverting it to the Chained God instead of Moradin. The main problem seemed that no-one where the Hammer of Moradin was which appeared to be what powered the temple. It was not until the defeat of Navstrom Anvilfire that the hammer had been hiding in plain sight as one of the other components of the royal staff of office.
With this in hand the heroes rushed down the lift to face Xaphrin and end his corrupting force on the city. Xaphrin was infuriated to see the heroes return and summoned the blood of his sacrfices to rise up and destroy the heroes. Appearing as an enourmous ooze it bubbled with small volcanoes of sulphuric gas and lava. Our heroes eventually overcame the ooze but Xaphrin had begun to cast some type of spell to smite the heroes behind the green shield. With the Hammer of Moradin as a focus our heroes shattered the shield and eventually killed Xaphrin.
The shield had dropped and our heroes hurridily attempted to rise other defenses that First Sergeant had sensed that Morradin would provide. With the assistance of Starwyn Lighfoot the heroes were able to perform a ritual that called forth the power of Moradin. First Sergeant had to give up the Hammer of Moradin placing it in the center of the chamber. All of a sudden a new shield appeared (blue in color) and the stone statues around the temple came to life and headed out to face the hordes of undead that had begun to attack the city.
The undead were soon dispatched and our heroes helped to establish a new king on the the throne – Gavh Devskron who in effect had as much claim to the throne as Navstrom Anvilfire. The heroes happy with the success were ready to leave the city, a much happier and safer place. Little did they know that they had released a more powerful ally than they thought…



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