K'reth's Story

Gather round for I tell the tale of our coming and going of our falling and rising once again. Listen to my words this day and place them on your heart for you be judged by the spirits when you pass to the next life on how you have kept them.

In the night sky our father hunted the stag, the stag who would give life to the world and when he was finally caught, he gave the gift of his heart to our father. In his death the stag gave life to the world and his spirit was released to the world beyond, the dream time where we will all go. This was Ur’Kishra the first of Goliaths. The stag called out to our father and said “You have shown yourself worthy Ur’Kishra, so I will raise up your people, to be one with the land and to always bear my heart. You will bear witness to the world below and in time you will come and live with me in the world beyond.”

With great pride Ur’Kishra received the heart and made the pact that the Goliath would follow the spirit of the stag. From the stags carcass came the plants and the trees, the rivers and the lakes and all the animals. From his heart came more gifts; spirits of the Bear, Raven and Wolf to guide a strengthen us on our journey to the world beyond. We were the first children of our father, the bearers of his pride.

Time went by and the people of Ur’Kishra bore tribute to the Great Stag who had given us life. We became a mighty race that lived as one with the land and the beasts of the air, land and sea. We took what we needed and gave honor to the spirits of the hunt. There was no shame, only oneness with all things.

But over time our people changed. They stopped moving with the Buffalo and Elk and lived in houses of stone and metal. We no longer hunted but gave ourselves over to strange and terrible magics, not in keeping with the spirits of the stag. We exchanged the plain and mountain for holes in the ground, great mountain halls, but still at the heart of the great city of Kurak’Zer the spirit of the great stag was now held. In our arrogance we built to the skies to be like the gods of other men, but we had forgotten our way. We forgot our spirits of Bear, Raven and Wolf, we raised ourselves above the spirits and the balance of life was broken forever.

Then The Destroyer came. Came among us and brought death and corruption, it was he who in our arrogance claimed that he could give us even more power, to contain entirely the heart of the stag to consume the heart once and for all and take the full power of the stag for ourselves. We took what he offered and lost everything in return. We did not consume the heart, it was cracked as the spirit of the stag wept over our corruption. We corrupted ourselves so that we could no longer travel to the world beyond, trapped to travel the mists between world for all eternity.

But there was one among us who had stayed strong to the old ways, who had not forsaken the old ways he was K’raga my ancestor and great shaman of my people who would drive back the darkness and seal the gates of the accursed city for us to never to return. And now we wander the mountains searching for a way to redeem ourselves, calling to the spirits that we once knew well, but have now fallen silent.

Before his death K’raga made a prophecy that one day the stag would return and he would bring us back home to the land beyond. His last dying word were as we say here and now:

“One day, they will come, the ones who can stand against the darkness, the ones who will fulfill the prophecy;”

“Walk steady from He Who Shakes The Ground”
“Pass through the city of curses to the door of souls”
“Weigh your soul on the scales of the Stag’s Symphony and into his heart enter”

And when they come we will be set free from the curse that holds our dead to this world and they will no longer be trapped but able to travel free to the world beyond. This is our great hope and we seek those who will come and set us free

K'reth's Story

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