Hammer Rock

Located deep in the Kzaraak Mountains, the great city of the Dwarves, Hammer Rock is a ever growing tribute to Moradin. The current ruler of the city is Navstrom Anvilfire a young and progressive leader who took over after his father’s tragic death. Even though the city is a monarchy it is in many ways more like a theocracy with all decision of importance being made by Forge of Moradin the pseudo-religious council lead by Xaphrin the current High Priest of Moradin. Moradin is worshiped and revered by all Dwarves and no less in this great city, even more so as the whole city is in many ways a temple and offering to Moradin all in one. The centre of the city is constantly at work.
Points of Interest:

  • The Seat Of Moradin: The throne room and apartments of the king.
  • The Chambers Of Makers: This is the spiritual and industrial centre of the city.
  • The Slag: Underneath the Chamber Of Makers where the run off from the great forges collects, the slag houses the lost and destitute dwarves who do not have the means of improving their situation.
  • The Temple of Moradin: In many ways the whole city is a temple to Moradin, but the main designated area is a huge worship centre that houses about 1000 dwarves all for the worship of Moradin.
  • The Mines: Many thousands of average workers head to the mines of Hammer Rock every day.
  • The Sheild: this is a green field of energry which protects the city and the mines from attack by The Fade. Claimed to be a blessing from Moradin himself the high priest Xaphrin has brought back saftey to the city through this blessing. Note: This blessing is in fact fake. This is a form of dark magic the is slowly weakening the bonds of the Chained God (Tharizdun). A regular sacrifice of 10 dwarves a month is required to keep this sheild active though during an attack a great deal more may be needed. The temple that emits the shield was in fact designed to hold the Hammer of Moradin. In the crypt below the Chosen of Stone slumbers only to be awoken when needed. The current sheild is actually only a biproduct of what is actually happening which is a planar rift at the centre of the temple is passing life energy through to the dimension that Tharizdun is held. Not enough to actually weaken the chains that bind him, but enough to attract his attention.

Major Characters:

Worship of Moradin in the City:
The worship of Moradin is a city-state religion and pervades every part of life. Moradin is seen not only as the all-father of dwarves but also the provider, who slew Kzaraak and gave the dwarves a place to live.

Hammer Rock

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