Campaign Description

You have always dreamt of the White Stag; a mighty stag that runs through an endless forest. It almost feels bigger than a stag, like it is 12 feet at the shoulder, it’s antlers rising into the trees and being lost there, it is like… the essence of a stag, what a stag really is, the sense of freedom and strength, a peaceful, powerful beast that will never be caught, that will never be conquered. It’s white flanks shimmer with silvery strange sigils, only glimpses seen of them when it glides through the forest. Recently though the dreams have changed; you find yourself in the same forest, now darkened, ominous, some how corrupted. You feel your heart begin to panic, you rush through the forest to find the stag. As you come across a river you find the stag, now defeated, it lies on the ground gasping for breath, it’s body withered by starvation, the shine of it’s coat lost. As you approach closer you see that half it’s face has been eaten away down to the bone, maggots squirm under the flesh as it makes it’s last dying breath the world around you cracks and your heart breaks with it. You awake once again with a start…

You can not get these dreams out of your head, they have haunted you for many months, until one day they come to your waking world as well. As you are going about your business, you catch a glimpse of the stag. You must know what this is about, you follow it as it gallops away. You feel compelled to follow, keeping your eyes fixed on it, afraid that it will just fade away like your dreams, you follow it without even noticing the mist around you. The mist becomes thicker, to an almost black until you step through it into bright sunshine in a mountain range you do not recognise. The sound of battle is already around you as you hear the screech of goblins attacking, someone is in danger and you are here to help…

In Lifestar you will be playing a chosen of the White Stag, defenders of light against a rising, encroaching darkness. This is a high contrast, cinematic style of game: The bad guys are bad, the good guys are good, the game is less about realism and more about what looks and feels heroic.

All player characters have been summoned through the mists to a new world that none are familiar with. This means that you do not necessarily have to know each other, have similar backgrounds or even be from the same Prime material Plane. The one thing though is that your character must be of “Good” alignment (want to do good for others, able to work in a group) and have some interest in the protection of nature. That does not mean that you have to be upholding nature at every step of the way, protecting people from standing on flowers as they walk along the path, but a respect for nature over the complete corruption of it.
For character backgrounds you need to answer the following questions:

  • What have you gained and lost by coming to this new world?
  • If any, what connections do you have with the other characters?
  • What motivates your character to help others?
  • How do you feel about being a Chosen of the White Stag?

Near the beginning of the game there will be an opportunity to spend a month getting to know one another so make the information that you would like public available on here for all to view. For anything you would like kept secret, please email me and I will put this into the GM only section.

The last thing to note. This campaign will start at level 1, but you will be awarded experience for your combined backgrounds. I will be looking at each person’s background and award a combined total for all of them. If done well, the combined total of experience will be about the same as two encounters or more.

In terms of character creation please use the standard point buy system from the standard character creation in the Player’s Handbook. This also applies to equipment (standard clothing and 100 gold pieces). I would suggest the best way to bring a character together is to use the the Online character creator from Wizards of the Coast. If you have more unusual backgrounds, feats or powers please run them by me first.

If you do have any questions the best way to get in touch with me is to send me a private message on here or start a forum post if it will affect all party members. I am happy to answer any questions you might have in regards to the setting and character creation, so don’t feel shy about asking.

Good luck with character creations,

Campaign Description

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