Tag: Settlements


  • Japhrius' Eye

    During the time before [[The Fade | The Fade]] Japhrius' Eye was a small outpost, a way station between the Human ([[Kingdom of the Plains | Kingdom of the Plains]]) and the Dwarven ([[Hammer Rock | Hammer Rock]]) dominions. Controlled by the Humans this …

  • Hammer Rock

    Located deep in the [[Kzaraak Mountains | Kzaraak Mountains]], the great city of the Dwarves, Hammer Rock is a ever growing tribute to Moradin. The current ruler of the city is [[:navstrom-anvilfire | Navstrom Anvilfire]] a young and progressive leader …

  • Winter's Shelf

    This is a semi-permanent of the nomadic Black Feather Tribe of Goliath found in the [[Kzaraak Mountains | Kzaraak Mountains]]. As the name would suggest it is used during winter as it is in a well sheltered valley high in the mountains.

  • Kurak'Zer

    Kurak'Zer which in Goliath means "The City Of Curses" is one of the legendary cities of the Goliath that many have claim exist in the mountains. The Goliath themselves tell tales of it's corruption that has been a tale of caution for their people from …