Tag: Items


  • Life Stars

    Lifestars are what allow chosen to focus their internal energy and manifest it as weapons and armor. the more powerful the chosen becomes the more energy for the Lifestar to draw on. Lifestars can only ever be used by one individual and when it “chooses” …

  • The Life Star

    Known also as the Heart of [[Whryn | Whryn]]. This is a five pointed crystalline device made of 5 large crystals made out of what is thought to be pure astral diamond. The pieces were separated to protect the planes of the multi-verse from it's awesome …

  • Hammer of Moradin

    A legendary item of power thought to reside in [[Hammer Rock | Hammer Rock]] of the [[Kzaraak Mountains | Kzaraak Mountains]].

  • Dagger of Kel'thazzud

    This ancient stone dagger was a powerful and potent symbol in the first attempt to raise Kel'thazzud. Imbued with some of Kel'thazzud essence it corrupts almost everything that it comes into contact with.