Starwyn Lightfoot


“So, Starwyn, tell us a little about yourself…”
Laughs, “Well… that’s kinda general…” Pauses, “Ok, my name is Starwyn the Healer. I know, I know. Not very original, huh? But, it’s what I was given.” Shrugs. “My family name was Lightfoot. We were given that after many generations of being part of the Ancestreal Messangers.” Waves her hand, “Maybe I should go back a little further for you. I’m from a world called Nadara. Once upon a time it was a beautiful and magnificent place. It’s mostly forest, wilderness, agricultural areas, and the few cities live pretty much in harmony with nature. We have all manner of races, like you do here. Though I must admit, there are some creatures here that I’ve never seen before. Anyway, it was once a lovely place to live. The whole world lived in a synergestic harmony. That is, until one of the families decided to take over the council.
“The Nadarean Council is not so much a governing body as it is a place to settle disputes and other issues between the people. Several respected families had members among the council and it is a voluntary term of service. However, about four, maybe even five, centuries ago, the Fireway family started suggesting changes. Looking back, it was very subtle. They made small changes over long periods of time, slowly affecting the minds and intentions of the other council members. They began voting themselves into having certain rights and priviledges and giving themselves power in the name of progress.” Rolls eyes, “You can guess where that went. Now the world is fighting to overthrow the dictatorship they’ve found themselves under.
“The Ancestreal Messengers were a group of people used to fight in and out of battlezones to carry orders from the leaders of the movement to the fighters in the field. My family has been amongst the most skilled at doing so without getting killed, so we became known as the Lightfoot family. However, not all of us have been Messengers.
“I followed in my grandmother’s footsteps. She was one of the most revered battlefield clerics in the whole war. She began teaching me from an early age. She knew it was the calling on my life to serve the wounded in the battlefield just as she had. So even in my twenties, I would go out searching for wounded and getting them back on their feet again. It’s a life of service that was given to me, but I seem to be good at it.
“So that’s who I am. I am Starwyn of the Lightfoot family. Battlefield cleric.”

“I hear that you are more than that, though. I hear that the people say you have special powers.”
Laughs, “Special powers? Never heard it that way before.” Sighs, “Well, my grandmother always said that I have gifts. And, I can’t deny that some aspects of my life have been…. Interesting. For instance, I’ve never really been sick. Of all the afflictions I’ve seen, of all the horrendous conditions I’ve treated, and the simple illnesses my family has caught, I’ve never suffered from any of them. It has been a long running joke that I am immune to disease. In fact, when the most dangerous diseases are found, they send me in to treat the sick. Because, it just doesn’t seem to take ahold of me.” Shrugs, “I guess it IS a gift.”

“What about the dreams? I heard you have dreams…”
Nods, “Yes. I do have some odd dreams.” Gets a bit quieter, “I don’t speak much of them. I’m not always sure of what they mean and who they would be important to.” Looks thoughtful, “Most recently, I’ve been dreaming of a large, grand animal. One completely unlike any I’ve ever seen. It seems so grand, so perfect… but I know that such things never last.
“Sure enough… it doesn’t. Some… horrible… affliction…” Shakes her head, “I know that I have to help it. But, at this point, I don’t know how. The desire to help it, to restore it to it’s previous, mighty strength, is nearly overwhelming. As more and more time goes by, the desire gets stronger. I’m sure it has to do with why I was brought here with the others.”

“How do you feel about being brought here?”
“Well, I miss my family. But then, I’ve been out in the field for so long that I haven’t seen them in a while anyway. But, you always miss someone more when it isn’t possible to see them. I feel bad that I won’t be able to keep looking after the fighters back home… but I feel like I was meant to come here. I can feel that I was destined to come here. It’s not all clear yet and it may take a while to become so, but that is alright. I’m willing to go where I’m needed. And, I have started making some interesting friends. I never really had that before. I’ve been kind of a loner by trade until now. So, it’s kinda nice. This new stage in my life is exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing where it leads me. And, as long as I’m able to help people, I’m happy with it.”

Starwyn Lightfoot

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