K'reth Twofeather

Chief Shaman Of The Black Feather Clan


The leader of The Black Feather Tribe, K’reth has brought his tribe through many hard times but none as hard as the situation that has currently presented itself. Many of his people have been struck down by a terrible disease, but when all seemed to be lost The Dark Prophet arrived with a cure. His people quickly recovered except for the strong and healthy young men. The Dark Prophet said that he could heal them as well but he would have to take them away for a while. He also said that this disease had struck all the tribes of the people and that he must call them together so that they could all be healed.
Even though the Dark Prophet has not been anything but good to his people he is still wary of the strange magic that he wields and is tentative to call the tribes together.


K'reth Twofeather

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