Jayleed Kreth

Former Arch Druid of the Green Circle



A well tanned tall individual (6"1’) with a full white beard and long wind swept hair (white as well). Even though he is obviously quite old (he appears to be in his mid 80’s) though he still has the strength and stature of a much younger man. This ofcourse is no estimate to his actual age as he is much older than he appears. Legends of him go back at least 500 years. His pale blue piercing eyes look out of a wrinkled face from many years of smiling. He is a gentle and kindly old man who has the manersisms and attitude of a much younger man in comparission to his years. Wise, kind and gentle Jayleed has been an advisor to many a king of the Kingdom of the Plains.

Life Story

According to Jayleed he was brought to The Green Circle at the age of three. He hailed from a people who had long ago disapeared and so the circle became his family. He claims that he was not in fact a great student but from an early age had felt the calling of The Great Stag which guided him for his whole life.
In time he gained power and wisdom until in time he was elected the Grand Druid, a title which made him a senior advisor to the king. Little did he know that he would be the last to hold this title, let alone that he would be the last of the order itself.
After the destruction of The Circle at Greenhelm Jayleed fled to the mountains to escape the Phage and the oncoming crusdae of The Fade. All those who were at the Massacre of Greenhelm were killed or turned by the Phage except for Jayleed. No one quite knows how he managed to escape, or even survive the Phage and he never discusses it. Even mention about that day brings such a look of pain and sadness on his face that none have pressed him further.
Some how though he managed to escape and found his way to the outpost of Japhrius’ Eye. He now is the advisor/leader of this ever growing village that holde hope that one day a way to defeat the Fade will be found. Many times round a fire a night he speaks of a prophecey of heroes from another place being called by The White Stag to drive out the Fade but most think that it is a way of him lifting people’s hopes.

Jayleed Kreth

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