The Raven's Claw

The Politics Of Goliaths

Our heroes left the city of Hammer Rock with a sense that they had brought hope back to many dwarves and had started something that would change the world. They headed further into the wilds of the mountains towards a settlement called Winter’s Shelf which was where the Goliaths were thought to spend the winter months. On the way there though they were met by a Goliath that they recognized, Khorth. He took our heroes to his tribes camp where our heroes were shocked to find that The Dark Prophet with an entourage of The Fade were guests. Our heroes were invited under the Goliaths rules of hospitality and were welcomed around the camp fire that night, with The Dark Prophet. After an awkward evening of passive aggressiveness around the campfire our heroes went to bed, with a guard posted to keep an eye on the Fade.
The next day our heroes were able to get an audience with the Shaman of the Black Feather Tribe, K’reth Twofeather.
Our heroes were concerned for the safety of the tribe, having the Fade as guests seemed unwise to them to say the least. As K’reth explained all were given hospitality as was their custom, but also the Dark Prophet and his functionaries had helped the tribe at a time of great need. The hunters of the tribe had come down with a sickness that none of their healing had been able to help, but the Fade had come with strange medicine and healed them. The Dark Prophet had said that he had only been able to halt the progress of the disease but that the Goliaths had to go to a healing center that the Fade had setup down on the plains. No-one had seen most of these hunters for many days though a couple had returned to the tribe, but in some way changed. They seemed to be fine but something was off about them, as K’reth described “Their spirits have been darkened to our ways”. It was partly because of this and on the advice of his son, Khorth that had meant that K’reth so quickly saw our heroes so quickly.
After our heroes explained what they were doing and their quest for the Life Star, K’reth told our heroes a story of his tribe. He felt that our heroes were the strangers who had been spoken of in the story and that they would lead the Goliath to their redemption.
The day after the meeting our heroes decided to leave under the cover of darkness so that the Fade did not notice for some time their disappearance from the camp. Following the directions that K’reth had given them our heroes headed towards the cursed city of Kurak’Zer to face their destiny. On the way our heroes were harassed by lizards that tried to force them to head into a cave, but wisely our heroes avoided this and head on toward a large caldera that they had seen.
At the center of the caldera our heroes found the lost city of Kurak’Zer. Around it on every side was a large pain of waste height dried grass and our heroes were able to pick their way across this by following an ancient road that they could still track. About half way across the plain the ground started to shake violently and the largest Bullette that the heroes had ever seen attacked the group. There was something odd about the Bullette even after it’s enormous size. Stuck under it central plates were blue crystals that arced lightening along it’s body. It immediately attacked the heroes who were forced to defend themselves. After a long a bloody our heroes stood victorious against the monstrous creature. Our heroes surmised that this was the creature that was described in the story as “He who shakes the ground”. Ironically it turned out that the creature was in fact female that raised the question of whether there were anymore creatures like this to be found. It was decided that the city was more important and investigation of her lair would have to wait.
Our heroes headed towards the large stone doors to the city to find a smaller door that allowed them to access the city. As they approached the door Haven was sent out in front to check the door for traps. Unfortunately she did not see the trap mechanism that caused a panel in the door to open and reveal a horrible visage which terrified her and forced her to flee. At the same time some ghostly creatures appeared and attacked our heroes. One in particular was very difficult to deal with as it possed members of the party until First Sergeant and Starwyn Lightfoot tried to excise the ghost. Eventually our heroes were able to subdue it and before them stood the door to the City of Curses…



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