The Problems Of Dwarves

Slime and Supplies

Our heroes headed into the moutains after the destruction of Japhrius’ Eye and quickly came across a dwarven caravan coming in the other direction. The caravan was under attack by the same goblins that had first attacked Japhrius Eye as they had arrived from the other planes they had come from. After a bloody battle which resulted in the death of many goblins the heroes managed to save the caravan and were befriended by two dwarves; Kharak Ironhand an older dwarf and his collegue Gavh Devskron a young dwarf. They were much appreciated of being saved by the onslaught of dwarves and it turned out that they were on their way to Japherius Eye in part to trade essential goods and also to catch up with Kharak’s younger brother Krath “Tinpot” Rustfist. The heroes had to tell them the unfortunate news that the town had been wiped out by The Fade and also that they were heading to Hammer Rock. Kharak who seemed to speak for both of the dwarves did not think this was a good idea as there had seemed to have been some change in the attitude of the dwarves to outsiders. He suggested that there was two ways that they could enter the city; our heroes could find someway of convincing the High Priest Xaphrin that they were friends to the dwarves or he could get them access through more dubious means through some of his contacts. They also explained their mission and this seemed to make the dwarves even more nervous but Kharak did suggest that Aldros the head librarian would be a good person to talk to. Kharak suggested two approaches that the adventurers could take – apparently an artifact of Moradin had been stolen by the same goblins and to retrieve this would be a good way to gain favour with Xaphrin. Another approach would be to collect the supplies back from the goblins which then Kharak could trade to get the heroes into the city. He also explained that he believed that the goblins had taken over an abandoned mine where he suspected the artifact ahd been stored, but his information was quite scetchy on this. The heroes investigated and discovered that it was infested by the goblins but that there were a number of entrances. Eventually they decided to take a back less guarded entrance and caught the guards unprepared and quickly dispatched them. After inspecting the bodies though some of them seemed to have mutations like small vestigial tentacles and suckers which Starwyn Lighfoot took a sample of.
Our heroes continued into the mine to discover more mutated goblins, which had somehow been affected by the evil that was lurking in the cave. This all came to ahead when they fought many goblins in a section of ruins that was blocked off by a portcullis. Our heroes attacked the goblins with fury and overwhelmed them climbing the walls and gaining access to the passageway beyond. This came into a ritual circle room with 4 large flaming green pillars. At the centre a goblin taunted them before leaving to allow his minions to deal to our heroes. A number of oozes appeared out of a pool of slime that surrounded the summoning circle. After some experimenting to see if the oozes could be stopped summoning the heroes destroyed the oncoming onslaught. In the defeat a section of the wall at the back collapsed and another room was shown. Inside the adventurers found the same goblin who claimed that he was going to kill them all. It also exclaimed that they had stolen something from it and it demanded it’s return the heroes were unaware of what this creature was asking for so it became frustrated and exclaimed “Rise Jubelix and smite your master’s foes!” At this the goblin’s body was torn apart from the inside as large black tentacles poured out of it. It the end a 12 foot column of tentacles with red malevolent eyes shining out from all parts of it’s body. In the end our heroes were able to destroy the abomination and found the supplies at the back of the chamber they were in. They also found a strange stone box which when lifted was surprisingly light. Inside a unornate stone dagger was found. Starwyn immediately exclaimed that it was an a highly evil artifact and should be destroyed or at least hidden. After much discussion it was decided that this might be the artifact that the dwarves had told them about and heroes were suspicious of the dwarves intentions. Even so the heroes head back with the artifact hidden and the supplies to see what the response of the dwarves would be…



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