Into The Mines

Difficult Choices

Our heroes rested for the night behind the safety of the shield as beyond it could be heard the sounds of patrolling Fade. After resting for the night the heroes decided to head out of the shield once again to track where the tracks from the cart headed. They also explored the tunnel that appeared to head around the whole of the circumference of the shield. It was also found that 3 out of the 4 exits into the area beyond the shield had been collapsed and it was concluded that they were all meant to be collapsed but this had been left on purpose with the ability to order whoever had collapsed the rest of the tunnels. After walking the whole circumference and discovering that there was no other way, it was decided to go forward into the dark. Not soon after that our heroes were attacked once again by Fade who seemed to use more tactics than they had seen before appearing to communicate in some kind of language that none of our heroes recognized. The leader of the group seemed to give order and seemed to even control the more viscous four legged Fade that they had fought before.
After dealing with this threat our heroes head further into the mines that eventually came to a large open cavern with an enormous trench that was too far to leap across. On the other side though to the horror of the heroes they saw a large contingent of Fade (probably around 7,000 in total) who seemed to be inanimate at the time. There was no way of getting across to them so our heroes left them to sit and wait. it was also here where the cart tracks stopped and appeared to go over the edge of the chasm. The heroes did find a path heading down the side of the chasm and took this down to were they found a stone lined entrance similar to the previous mine that they had been in. In here they discovered the same type of sigils on the walls. Also in the room they discovered another group of Fade who seemed to have been corrupted in some way, similar to the Goblins in the cave. Our heroes dispatched them and were going to move forward when they heard a strange screeching sound from the next room. Preparing an ambush our heroes threw a torch into the room to discover the remains of what appeared to be 4 bloated fade. No sooner than doing this then the corpses burst open as some strange tentacle creatures were disgorged. These creatures were identified as Fel Taints, creatures that were known to appear where the barrier between planes was thinning. After a very challenging battle our heroes managed to put these down and headed forward where they could see a green light coming from.
Our heroes came into a temple of some sort with the same type of strange writing on the wall, but the ceiling was frescoes of Moradin and dwarves from ages past. In the center of the room our heroes saw a stone alter which had fresh blood pooling around it. So much blood in fact that there was a trench of it around the whole of the raised dais. The light was coming from altar which was surrounded in a cone going up to the ceiling by the same green energy. As our heroes surveyed the room the ornate dwarf that had tried to kill them in the city walked up to the altar with another dwarf who appeared to be in some type of trance. As they got to the top of the dais, the ornate dwarf slit the throat of the other dwarf pouring his blood all over the altar. Wren Pyrendall tried to shoot the ornate dwarf but it had no effect bouncing off the shield.
The dwarf seemed to be happy to talk to the heroes and after a short discussion it was discovered that the shield was protecting the dwarven city and was nothing to do with the Fade that were outside of the city.This changed everything for our heroes as they realized that if they destroyed the shield then the Fade would pour into the city destroying everything. An agreement was reached where the heroes would leave the city immediately and they would be provided with the shard for The Life Star. The ornate dwarf quickly agreed and directed them to a lift that came out in the royal chambers in the city. Once our heroes arrived in the city it seemed to be empty and our heroes were quickly ushered out of the city gates which closed behind them.
A few days later a group of royal guards arrived with the shard and a letter from Aldros. In the letter Aldros explained what had happened after they had left with the arrest of Kharak Ironhand and Gavh Devskron and that there had been crack downs even further on peoples movement within the city. Our heroes now had two shards which when they were brought together clicked into place making a seal as if there had never been one. From here our heroes decided that they would try to track down the Goliaths who apparently held the next piece of the shard with a map that Aldros had provided to them…



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