An End Brings A New Begining

The adventure begins...

Our adventurers found themselves in a town that was under attack by strange goblins, almost rabid in nature coraled by other goblins into a desperate fight for resources that the goblins needed. Our adventurers went quickly to work and dispatched the would-be raiders as all bar two of them were struck down. The heroes were then quickly surrounded by the local militia, but this was waylaid by an old man who identified himself as Jayleed Kreth, the head elder of the town of Japhrius’ Eye. It was soon discovered by all of the adventurers that they were not in their local primaterial planes but another one called Whryn. They also discovered that they had all been having the same type of dreams, of a giant white stag. Some had prepared for this journey for a long time while others had dismissed them, all though had in some way been affected by them and they had all been called to be Chosen of the White Stag. Jayleed implored the adventurers to rest and prepare for the trials to come and soon these would be on them.
For about a month the adventurers went about their duties in the village where they saw was best. First Sergeant, Haven and Wren Pyrendall took turns at watch duty through the long weeks, ever vigilant for a change in the Phage which curled and bulged against some invisible barrier around 150 yards beyond the gate. Starwyn Lighfoot spent her time in the pens caring for those who were sick and dispensing with those who had become zombies. this was constant work as more refugees would arrive through the mountains to the relatively saftey of Japhrius’ Eye. Syndil spent as much time as she could with Jayleed Kreth who she looked at as an elder and a druid and so seaking to learn as much knowledge about The Great Stag as she could. Risty spent as much time as she could not doing anything except that her sister would keep dragging her off to training sessions and meditation time and so reluctantly she too learnt more about the the Great Stag as well.
The group was also summoned from time to time by Jayleed who explained that a terrible evil had overtaken the land called The Fade and that the only way to stop this terrible force was to combined the life shards once again into The Life Star a powerful item capable of driving out these evil creatures from this plane and restoring balance once again. These life shards were held by nations in trust for the The Green Circle the druids who Jayleed had been the Archdruid of before it was decimated by The Fade. He handed over the first one to the group and explained where the 4 were held by nations around the world the next closest being held by the dwarves of Hammer Rock who still had a trade route with Japherius’ Eye. It was decided that the best thing to do was to wait for the caravan to arrive and travel back with them. This unfortunately would not happen as one fateful night when the Phage finally broke through.
Just before dawn a booming sound started in the distance. Almost immediately the Phage reacted by bashing itself against the barrier which eventually broke and it rushed forward into the village. Four creatures burst out of the mist. They had once been human but had been horribly disfigured, their bodies twisted to the point that they ran on all fours, heads turned 180 degrees. Their bodies shriveled, with grey flesh stretched across their almost skeletal bodies. Their stomachs were distended and glowing green which turned out to be a gas similar to the Phage that the spewed upon the first villager they found. The adventures were able to put these creatures down while Risty ran and got the crystal as the adventurers witnessed the rest of the village consumed by The Phage…



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